NuScale places first long-lead material production order with Doosan

March 14, 2023, 3:00PMNuclear News
A rendering of a NuScale VOYGR plant. (Image: NuScale)

NuScale Power, the Portland, Ore.–based small modular reactor developer, announced last week that it has placed the first upper reactor pressure vessel (RPV) long-lead material (LLM) production order with South Korea’s Doosan Enerbility.

According to the announcement, the order was placed at the end of 2022 for “materials essential to commence manufacturing” of NuScale Power Modules, which are projected to be in service at the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems’ Carbon Free Power Project “as early as 2029.” (The CFPP’s NuScale VOYGR plant is to consist of six 77-MWe modules, collectively generating 462 MWe of electricity.)

The two companies are also “aligned to manufacture additional modules” for future VOYGR plant projects with similar delivery dates, the announcement added.

In preparation for the order, NuScale and Doosan initiated an effort in April 2022 to complete the manufacturing for the forging dies for the module’s upper RPV. Building on this work, the LLM order includes heavy forgings, steam generator tubes, and weld material for six upper RPVs. The total estimated weight of the materials for these upper RPVs exceeds 2,000 tons.

C-suite statements: “Finalizing and submitting this order to our valued partner, Doosan, showcases NuScale’s transition to the manufacturing phase of our modules and highlights our advanced position in the market to deploy our SMR technology to customers by the end of the decade,” said John Hopkins, NuScale’s president and chief executive officer. “Our strong relationships with experienced partners like Doosan demonstrate NuScale’s robust global supply chain and positions us to meet the growing interest for NuScale VOYGR power plants that we are seeing around the world.”

“The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently issued a final rule to certify NuScale’s innovative SMR design, which gives testament to NuScale’s status as the leading technology in the global SMR market,” commented Jongdoo Kim, head of Doosan Enerbility’s nuclear business group. “Doosan is proud to take part in the construction of a NuScale SMR, offering clean and carbon-free energy projects to tackle climate change.”

Background: In July 2019, NuScale finalized agreements with Doosan Enerbility (then Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction) and Sargent & Lundy to support deployment of the Power Module and provide cash investment in NuScale.

Doosan agreed to bring its expertise in RPV manufacturing, while Sargent & Lundy committed to providing standard plant design services, as well as architect-engineering support.

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