Paragon, Thermo Fisher reach licensing agreement on neutron flux monitoring systems

January 16, 2023, 3:00PMANS Nuclear Cafe

Paragon Energy Solutions and Thermo Fisher Scientific have entered into a definitive agreement that grants Paragon a long-term license for the product line of Thermo Fisher’s Gamma-Metrics neutron flux monitoring systems (NFMS). The agreement allows the legacy nuclear reactor customers of service provider Thermo Fisher to more easily purchase spare parts, upgrades, services, and new systems from Paragon, a leading supplier of safety-related products and components for the nuclear industry. This enhanced purchasing ability reduces the risk of obsolete products being used in the operating nuclear fleet.

Covered products: The NFMS products covered by the Paragon–Thermo Fisher agreement include instrumentation, control systems, and consoles for test, research, and training reactors. The agreement also covers other nuclear instrumentation and control systems that have been incorporated into the Gamma-Metrics NFMS product line.

Advanced capabilities: Commenting on the agreement, Paragon president and CEO Douglas VanTassell said, “We are committed to providing great customer support to Thermo Fisher’s legacy customers and being good stewards of this product line for the future. Further, this product line continues to advance Paragon’s capabilities for neutron flux monitoring, buttressing the solutions being deployed for the next generation of advanced reactors.”

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