New members appointed to nuclear waste board

December 22, 2022, 7:00AMRadwaste Solutions

President Biden has appointed six new members to the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board, an independent executive federal agency created by Congress to evaluate the technical and scientific validity of Department of Energy activities related to implementing the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982.

The new appointees are Ronald Ballinger, professor emeritus in nuclear science and engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; David E. Daniel, president emeritus of the University of Texas–Dallas; Teresa Fryberger, a consultant in chemical and environmental sciences; Nathan Siu, a consultant in nuclear risk assessment; Scott W. Tyler, foundation professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering at the University of Nevada–Reno; and Brian G. Woods, a professor of nuclear engineering in the College of Engineering at Oregon State University.

President Biden also named Siu, who is a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society, to serve as the chair of the board, replacing Jean Bahr, whose term as a board member had expired.

Background: By law, board members may continue to serve until they are reappointed or until their replacements are appointed by the president. Board members serve part time and are appointed by the president from a list of nominees submitted by the National Academy of Sciences.

Nominees are selected solely on the basis of their expertise and eminence in technical and scientific disciplines relevant to the board’s mandate. The appointees will join the board as soon as they complete the oath of office.

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