Oklo undaunted after license application denial

January 17, 2022, 9:30AMNuclear News

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s announcement earlier this month that it was denying Oklo Power’s license application to build and operate its Aurora microreactor in Idaho caught a lot of people by surprise, not the least of whom were the people at Oklo.

The denial, according to the NRC, was due to the California-based firm’s failure to provide sufficient information on several crucial topics regarding the Aurora design, including potential accidents and the classification of safety systems and components.

The reaction: “We woke up a few days ago to incredibly surprising decisions by the NRC,” reads a January 11 post from the Oklo team on the open platform Medium. “Although Oklo responded to every request for information, and the last thing we heard from the NRC was that the information we submitted was helpful, the NRC has denied our first application on the basis of not having submitted information.”

The company's statement adds, however, that despite the setback, "Conversations we have had with NRC management in the last few days have made it clear that the door is open to supplement the application and to resubmit. We are already discussing next steps with them and new ways to communication....{The NRC denial} is a distraction, but it may ultimately enable us to move ahead even faster."

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