FPL submits SLR application for St. Lucie

August 17, 2021, 9:30AMNuclear News
St. Lucie nuclear power plant. (Photo: D Ramey Logan)

Florida Power and Light Company, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, has filed a subsequent license renewal application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the two-unit St. Lucie nuclear power plant, seeking a second 20-year renewal of the reactors’ operating licenses.

The NRC announced receipt of the application, which was submitted on August 3, via a notice in the August 16 Federal Register. St. Lucie is the seventh U.S. power plant whose licensee has sought an SLR.

Located in Jensen Beach, Fla., St. Lucie houses Unit 1, a 1,062-MW pressurized water reactor, and Unit 2, a 1,074-MW PWR. The reactors began commercial operation in December 1976 and August 1983, respectively. They were granted initial 20-year license renewals in October 2003, with St. Lucie-1 currently licensed to operate through March 1, 2036, and St. Lucie-2 through April 6, 2043.

What’s next: The NRC staff is reviewing the application to determine whether FPL has provided sufficient information for the agency to complete its safety and environmental reviews. If the application is determined to be complete, the staff will docket it and publish a notice of opportunity to request an adjudicatory hearing before an Atomic Safety and Licensing Board.

U.S. reactor SLR status: Currently, the NRC has SLR applications on its docket for seven reactors—Oconee-1, -2, and -3 (application docketed last month); Point Beach-2 and -3 (application docketed in January of this year); and North Anna-1 and -2 (application docketed in October 2020).

To date, SLRs have been issued for Turkey Point-3 and -4, in December 2019 (NN, Jan. 2020, p. 15); Peach Bottom-2 and -3, in March 2020; and Surry-1 and -2, in May of this year.

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