NRC to hold a second meeting on Indian Point decommissioning plan

August 11, 2021, 12:09PMRadwaste Solutions

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is holding a virtual meeting on August 18 to discuss and receive comments regarding Holtec International’s decommissioning plan for the Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York. A hybrid meeting was held on July 29 in Tarrytown, N.Y., with a phone line available for those who opted not to attend in person. However, local storms and technical issues resulted in remote participants experiencing audio problems.

The NRC said the additional meeting will ensure that all who are interested have an opportunity to provide comments on the Indian Point post-shutdown decommissioning activities report (PSDAR).

Meeting info: To be held on August 18 beginning at 4 p.m. (EDT), the meeting will be conducted via the WebEx video streaming platform using this link. A phone line will be available for the audio portion by calling 888/989-9738, passcode 2331350#.

Prior to taking public comments, NRC staff will present information on regulatory reviews and oversight of the plant during decommissioning.

The plan: While Holtec submitted the Indian Point PSDAR in 2019, the NRC did not begin a formal review of the plan until the company officially acquired the plant from Entergy in May of this year. Among other matters, the PSDAR describes the company’s plans to use the DECON, or immediate dismantlement, approach and complete the radiological decommissioning of the site within about 15 years at a cost of about $2.3 billion.

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