DOE awards $350-million contract for Nevada site cleanup

June 22, 2020, 3:43PMRadwaste Solutions

Oak Ridge, Tenn.–based Navarro Research and Engineering has been awarded a 10-year environmental program services contract worth up to $350 million for cleanup services at the Nevada National Security Site, the Department of Energy announced on June 17. The new contract replaces the current NNSS cleanup contract, also held by Navarro Research and Engineering, which expires on July 31.

In awarding the contract, the DOE’s Office of Environmental Management (EM) used the department’s new end-state contracting model, which the DOE said will reduce risk and environmental liability by giving EM the flexibility to task its contractors using a risk-based approach to better define discrete scopes of work for site closure or end states. Navarro is a small, woman-owned contractor, and the contract was awarded under a small business set-aside competition.

The scope: Cleanup services to be provided under the indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract will include, but are not limited to, groundwater characterization and monitoring, radioactive waste acceptance program management, soils and industrial sites close-out/post-closure monitoring, decontamination and demolition, and program management support. The services will be provided at NNSS, as well as the Nevada Test and Training Range and the Tonopah Test Range.

In support of national defense initiatives, a total of 928 atmospheric and underground nuclear weapons tests were conducted at the NNSS between 1951 and 1992, when a moratorium on nuclear testing went into effect.

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