Klann, Wharton offer candidate statements for ANS treasurer

February 16, 2021, 9:27AMANS NewsANS board, ANS treasurer

This is the second in a four-part series spotlighting the candidates for the upcoming 2021 ANS national election. Seven leadership positions are on the ballot.

Today we feature statements from the nominees for treasurer.

The nominees are Ray Klann, an ANS member since 1991, who is a senior scientist in the National Security Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; and W. A. “Art” Wharton III, an ANS member since 2004, who is a vice president at Studsvik Scandpower. Wharton, the current ANS treasurer, is running for a second term.

Ballots will be sent electronically on February 22 and must be submitted by 4 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday, April 6.


Ray Klann

ANS must grow and evolve to be relevant to its members and to be the preeminent voice for nuclear professionals. ANS is currently undergoing a transformation to meet these goals and to modernize, as well as becoming more financially sustainable and viable. As your treasurer, I will work with the Board of Directors and Executive Committee to align the ANS budget to support efforts that are in the best interest of the Society and its members. If elected treasurer, I will continue to focus on my core belief that the Society must serve the members. Without members, there is no ANS. This includes greater transparency of the Society’s finances to all members, so that members can be empowered to have a larger voice for influencing Society activities and direction. I would be honored to earn your support to help lead ANS as your next treasurer.


W. A. “Art” Wharton III

I owe a great deal of my growth as a nuclear professional to my active involvement with ANS, and I happily contribute my time back to the Society. The nuclear science and technology field is a field worthy of our time and commitment, and I would be humbled to represent nuclear professionals on the Society’s Board of Directors as its treasurer. I bring experience in the fiduciary responsibilities of a nonprofit board member, specific experience with the ANS budget and budgetary process as its current treasurer, and a sincere passion for the oversight of a changing society that aims to better serve its membership in the 21st century in a financially responsible manner.

The series

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Don't forget to vote!

All ANS members are eligible to vote on the open leadership positions.

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