ANS Board of Directors votes to retire outdated position statements

November 23, 2020, 3:00PMANS News

The American Nuclear Society’s Board of Directors on November 19 voted to retire several outdated position statements, as requested by the Public Policy Committee. Among them are Position Statements #37 and #63, dating from 2010, which have been retired for lacking policy recommendations and for being redundant, as other position statements exist with language that better articulates the Society’s stance on those topics.

Position Statement #37, A Declaration on Sustainable Development, endorsed an all-of-the-above energy resource strategy to support sustainable economic development for a growing world population and to achieve an acceptable and equitable quality of life around the world.

The ANS Board voted to retire position statement #37, as it lacks a policy recommendation and because language endorsing sustainable energy systems can now be found in Position Statement #43, Nuclear Technology's Critical Role in the World's Future Energy Supply, and in Position Statement #44, Nuclear Energy's Role in Climate Change.

Position Statement #43 acknowledges that nuclear power plants can provide heat and electricity for many uses with minimal environmental impacts. Position Statement #44 articulates the Society’s endorsement of technology-neutral and performance-based policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Along with recognizing the value of energy diversity in meeting energy needs, Position Statement #44 also recognizes that nuclear is the only energy technology with worldwide potential for growth that has a proven record of delivering large amounts of reliable electricity without greenhouse gas emissions across its lifecycle.

Position Statement #63, External Costs of Energy Technologies, endorsed appropriately taking external costs into account for national energy policymaking. External costs are not included in the cost of energy production and instead include environmental and public health impacts across the life-cycle production of a resource or product.

ANS voted to retire Position Statement #63, as it lacks a policy recommendation and because many of the statement’s concepts are incorporated into Position Statement #26, U.S. Nuclear Power Plants: A Vital National Asset.

Position Statement #26 acknowledges that many U.S. electricity markets fail to recognize and appropriately compensate nuclear energy for its valuable attributes, including avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and providing the power grid with year-round reliability and resilience. Among its recommendations, Position Statement #26 endorses federal and state policy changes to level the playing field between nuclear power and other clean energy generation technologies, as well as adjustments to electricity spot and capacity markets.

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