Nuclear Matinee – Bill Gates: "I Love Nuclear"

August 30, 2013, 6:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

For faithful viewers of the ANS Nuclear Matinee-an instant classic from not so long ago, starring Microsoft founder, philanthropist, and nuclear energy enthusiast (and investor) Bill Gates.

Gates is a prominent investor in the nuclear reactor development firm TerraPower. For more information on the "traveling wave" reactor concept that the company is developing, see this post at ANS Nuclear Cafe, and this interview with TerraPower CEO John Gilleland in ANS Nuclear News magazine. More recent company news, including exploration of other reactor designs and thorium fuel, can be found in very interesting interviews posted at the Weinberg Foundation blog.

Gates' enthusiasm for a better future world of infinite energy supply is quite infectious-see for yourself!

Thanks to the NEINetwork on YouTube (Nuclear Energy Institute) for uploading this excellent video of a presentation at MIT, April 2010.


bill gates i love nuclear

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