Nuclear Video Matinee: Uranium Mining and Milling

July 19, 2013, 6:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

It's hot out! Across much of the United States, the largest heat wave of the summer has been stagnating all week.

This would be a good time to head to a cool, underground... uranium mine?

Well, yes, this is where the nuclear energy fuel cycle starts. When you turn on the air conditioner-this is the beginning of it all.

But let the McArthur River miners and Key Lake millers, up in cool, breezy northern Saskatchewan, speak for themselves, in this excerpt from Powering America. Wait-one loader bucket of this stuff is worth... $1.9 million?

There are misperceptions about uranium mining, mostly stemming from the ideas that uranium ore is highly radioactive and is exceptionally dangerous-actually, neither turns out to really be the case. Well, remote control machinery helps too. See this straightforward Q&A on the video and uranium mining.

Key Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada, is the world's largest high-grade uranium mill. Check the Cameco Key Lake webpage to learn more. Actually... why not sit back and take a virtual tour of the Key Lake uranium mill?

Thanks to Heritage Foundation and Cameco for producing these fine videos. Watch the Powering America film on the nuclear energy industry, told in the words of the people who make it go, in its entirety

uranium mining snip 365x201

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