Nuclear Technology seeks editor-designate

January 29, 2013, 7:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

The American Nuclear Society is soliciting names of qualified members who are interested in becoming the editor of the ANS journal Nuclear Technology (NT). Dr. Nicholas Tsoulfanidis, Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, has served as editor of NT since June 1997. During his term, Professor Tsoulfanidis has done an outstanding job. He has raised NT's reputation for technical excellence and has kept up a full schedule of publishing monthly issues.

Professor Tsoulfanidis has indicated that he intends to retire from the editorship at the conclusion of his current term in June 2015. Consequently, ANS is seeking a qualified individual to fill this position. The selected person will be appointed "Editor-Designate" by June 2014, will work with Professor Tsoulfanidis for approximately one year, and will take over the full editor's role no later than June 2015.

It is the responsibility of the editor of NT to maintain the technical quality of the journal. The responsibilities of the position include reviewing submitted papers for content and appropriateness, selecting suitable reviewers for detailed technical review of each paper, reading reviewers' comments and recommendations, and determining the outcome of the submission (acceptance as is, required revision and re-review, or rejection). The editor also sets the technical directions of the journal by soliciting papers, special issues, and reviews on important and timely technical topics. The editor is expected to be proactive in obtaining manuscripts such that a sufficient number of high-quality manuscripts on appropriate and timely topics are considered for publication.

The editor will work with the ANS Scientific Publications Department staff to ensure that NT is financially viable. This includes forecasting the future volume of papers for planning purposes and providing advice on subscription prices and page charges. The editorial and administrative work associated with publishing NT (receiving manuscripts, transmitting manuscripts to reviewers, following up to get reviews back, technical editing, typesetting, and printing) is carried out by the ANS Scientific Publications Department staff. The role of the editor is thus primarily technical leadership and direction. Past experience indicates that this requires on average 8 hours per week, including attendance at the two ANS national meetings and approximately two topical meetings per year. The editor meets with and reports to the ANS Technical Journals Committee (TJC) at the national meetings each year.

ANS pays the editor a small honorarium, provides a travel budget to attend the required meetings, and pays communications costs as needed.

Candidates for editor must be knowledgeable and respected members of the nuclear community and members (in good standing) of ANS. They must have experience with and appreciation for the role of research and journal publication in the nuclear area.

Individuals who are qualified and interested in this vital position are requested to electronically submit the following documents to

  1. cover letter highlighting the applicant's interest in and suitability for the position-one page maximum;
  2. statement of editorial approach: brief summary of the applicant's approach toward executing the responsibilities of editor, in particular, specific plans for ensuring that NT will continue to thrive over the next decade-two pages maximum;
  3. full curriculum vitae including list of publications-no page limit.

For full consideration, applications must be received by May 1, 2013. Receipt of an application will be acknowledged via e-mail reply. Queries about this opportunity should be directed to Dr. Yousry Azmy, TJC Chair,, 919-515-3385. Interviews of the prospective candidates by

the TJC are expected to be held at the 2013 ANS Annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.


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