Nuclear Matinee: A Look at an Online Nuclear Science & Technology Course

October 12, 2012, 6:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

A free college-level internet course surveying the theory, design, and operation of commercial nuclear power reactors is starting soon! This course will be taught by Larry Foulke, PhD, PE, former president of the American Nuclear Society.

"A Look at Nuclear Science and Technology" is aimed at scientifically inclined individuals who want to learn more about nuclear energy and the nuclear power industry. It will address subjects such as: What is nuclear energy? What is its history? Who are its heroes? Why is it controversial? How do nuclear power plants work? What about nuclear weapons? What are the stereotypes and misconceptions?

Dr. Foulke explains more in this video introduction:

See the Course Website for the course syllabus, FAQ, and how to sign up!




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