Two members named ANS Fellows

August 16, 2011, 6:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

Two members of the American Nuclear Society were named Fellows during the June 2011 ANS annual conference. These awards were presented in recognition of the Fellows' significant contributions and achievements to nuclear science and technology.


The new ANS Fellows are:

Takashi Hibiki, for his extensive and outstanding original research contributions to nuclear thermal-hydraulics, two-phase flow modeling, and two-phase flow instrumentation.



Randy K. Nanstad, for his internationally recognized expertise on the effects of irradiation on fracture behavior of reactor pressure vessel steels. His ground-breaking research includes the design and conduct of large national irradiation programs, development and analysis of extensive irradiation effects databases, and critical contributions to our understanding of embrittlement mechanisms.


The honored membership grade of Fellow is  awarded to ANS members for outstanding accomplishment in any one of the areas of nuclear science and engineering.  The two new Fellows will be listed with their peers on the ANS Web site.

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