DOE announced awards to support nuclear research and education

April 10, 2024, 7:00AMNuclear News

To help expand access to clean nuclear energy, the Department of Energy announced it has awarded more than $19.1 million to support nuclear energy research and development, university nuclear infrastructure, and undergraduate and graduate education.

The awards are being made through the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy, which since 2009 has awarded almost $1 billion to advance nuclear energy research and support the education and training of future nuclear energy visionaries and leaders.

“U.S. universities and colleges are critical incubators of groundbreaking ideas that can move us toward a clean energy future,” said Kathryn Huff, assistant secretary for nuclear energy. “These awards invest in the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers who will continue to advance nuclear energy as a solution to tackling the climate crisis.”

The awards: The awards fall under five funding opportunities organized under three topics: (1) student support, (2) research and development, and (3) infrastructure. They include the following:

More information on the awards is available from the DOE’s Nuclear Energy University Program website.

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