University of Wyoming to host Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp

January 26, 2024, 7:00AMNuclear News

The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp 2024 takes place this year from July 21 to August 2 at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

Applications are due by February 25.

Info: The bootcamp seeks to train students and early-career professionals in skills essential to innovation in nuclear energy while executing group projects. The program consists of expert-led sessions, team-building exercises, and group project design time.

Each year, between 25 and 30 participants are selected to spend two weeks learning from and working with experts across industries from all over the world. Participants are encouraged to ask hard questions and are expected to design ventures that will transform the energy future.

Specifics: This year's event will revolve around Wyoming’s strategic leadership in leading in nuclear innovation at the state level as evident through TerraPower's Natrium project, the potential for BWX Technologies to deploy its BANR reactor in hopes of industrial decarbonization, and the state’s early efforts in coal-site repowering/community engagement.

The inaugural event was held in 2016 and is now in its ninth year. Last year's bootcamp, held in Tokyo, Japan, was a great success, according to organizers.

Who can apply: Undergraduate students in any field who are currently in their third year or later are eligible, as are graduate and doctorate students in any field. In addition, early-career professionals in any field who have been working for less than 5 years are eligible for the program.

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the applicant's demonstrated interest in clean energy innovation and/or business development. There are no implicit technical requirements to apply, although participants will be asked to think critically about technical possibilities throughout the program.

Applicants will be informed via email at the end of March of their selection.

Financial support: Through sponsorships, the bootcamp is committed to making sure that finances are not a barrier to attendance. According to organizers, those individuals who cannot afford travel accommodations or will not receive financial assistance from their employer or academic institution are eligible to request Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp scholarship assistance.

In addition to the lodging, daily meals, and ground transportation during the bootcamp, any financial award will cover up to 50 percent of travel needs outside of the bootcamp’s responsibility.

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