DOE’s Legacy Management launches podcast series

December 19, 2023, 3:00PMRadwaste Solutions
DOE-LM’s Taylour Whelan interviews DOE-LM director Carmelo Melendez for one of four podcasts produced for the office’s 20th anniversary celebration. (Photo: DOE)

The Department of Energy’s Office of Legacy Management, which oversees department legacy sites that have been cleaned of radioactive waste and environmental contamination, debuted its first podcast on December 15. Launched in honor of the office’s 20th anniversary, the podcast series includes four episodes, each featuring a different member of the DOE-LM team.

According to DOE-LM, the podcast series provides insight into the office’s mission, celebrates its accomplishments, and highlights the positive impacts to human health and the environment that have resulted from DOE-LM’s 20 years of work.

“This new podcast is a powerful tool to help communicate LM’s mission,” said David Von Behren, who leads DOE-LM’s Education, Communication, History, and Outreach team. “Podcasts are a great way to reach a new audience that may not know LM or the work we do every day to continue protecting people and the environment for future generations.”

Episode 1: The first episode features DOE historian Eric Boyle, who transferred to DOE-LM in 2020. Boyle explains why the office was created, highlighting the events that led to its inception.

“It’s important our audience understands the history of our office,” Von Behren added.

Episode 2: The second episode features DOE-LM technical director for long-term stewardship Tania Smith Taylor. Smith Taylor has worked in a variety of roles for DOE-LM, serving as the deputy director for the Office of Site Operations and as deputy director for the Office of Business Operations before taking on the technical director role in 2022. She explains some of DOE-LM’s programs, their objectives, and how they advance DOE-LM’s mission.

Episode 3: Following Smith Taylor’s deep dive into programs, DOE-LM program communications specialist Shawn Montgomery in episode 3 breaks down the office’s educational programs in science, technology, engineering, and math at the organization’s three interpretive and visitor centers. He explains the STEM with LM program, providing a brief history and detailing its initiatives.

“STEM with LM is a crucial piece of LM programming,” Von Behren said. “Since its creation, the program has provided students, professionals, and teachers opportunities to learn and explore STEM education. We are excited to share all the current and upcoming STEM initiatives.”

Episode 4: Wrapping up the 20th anniversary series, episode 4 features DOE-LM director Carmelo Melendez. The interview delves into Melendez’s background, why he became involved in environmental management, and his views on the future of DOE-LM and its programs.

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