BWXT to supply Ac-225 generation to Fusion Pharmaceuticals

November 20, 2023, 7:00AMNuclear News

BWX Technologies subsidiary BWXT Medical has agreed to provide Fusion Pharmaceuticals with generators to produce actinium-225, a medical isotope used to treat cancer in clinical trials.

Under the agreement, announced November 16, BWXT Medical will provide Fusion with a preferential supply of radium-225 and access to high-specific activity generator technology (Ac-227-free), enabling Fusion to produce Ac-225 at its manufacturing facility for use in clinical trials. Ra-225 is the parent isotope of Ac-225.

According to BWXT Medical, the companies have also expanded their existing Ac-225 supply agreement, supporting Fusion’s advancing pipeline of targeted alpha therapies. Since January, BWXT Medical has been providing Fusion with predetermined amounts of its actinium supply needs under a preferred partner agreement.

The isotope: An alpha-emitting isotope, Ac-225 is used in Fusion’s targeted alpha therapies that combine the isotope with specific tumor-targeting vectors to kill cancer cells while minimizing the impact to healthy tissues. BWXT said its proprietary generator technology allows for the on-demand isolation of high purity Ac-225 from the radium supplied by BWXT Medical.

He said it: “Supply of radium-225 and access to BWXT’s generator technology allows Fusion to be one of the first radiopharmaceutical development companies to have on-site production of high-specific activity actinium-225, providing us superior flexibility in our manufacturing schedules and increased capacity to support our clinical pipeline,” said John Valliant, chief executive officer of Fusion Pharmaceuticals. “This readiness is critical as we prepare to advance our lead program, FPI-2265, which is positioned to be the first actinium-based radiopharmaceutical for prostate specific membrane antigen to market, into a Phase 3 clinical trial.”

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