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August 1, 2023, 6:03PMSponsored ContentThorium Energy Alliance
Thorium Energy Alliance Tours the INE Generation Facility, Talnique, El Salvador

15 years into an epic journey to realize the potential of the most abundant and safest nuclear fuel and critical material known to man. Thorium Energy Alliance (T.E.A.) has made world changing progress in reviving the many uses of thorium and its allied companion elements.

Daniel Burnham, Visionary Architect

T.E.A. Sponsors Real R&D into the Material Uses of Thorium

Alvarez of CEL and Kutsch of T.E.A. sign MOU for Energy Bridge Planning and Deployment for the People of El Salvador

T.E.A. is reviving its application as part of the most energy dense, yet safest, most plentiful fuel source for nuclear power.

From the beginning, T.E.A. and its thousands of loyal supporters have believed in making good on the enormous promise of the 90th Element.

Inspired by the attitude of great western thinkers who knew that the more energy one had, the more freedom and prosperity you and your fellow man had. Thorium is found as a companion by-product of Rare Earth phosphate minerals processing; a naturally low cost material.

T.E.A. continues its funding for the dissemination of research to revive the use of Thorium as a critical material. The work is liberally shared worldwide.

While Thorium remains an undervalued subject of nuclear fuel research, the T.E.A. has privately underwritten investigations into the critical material applications of Thorium.

Applications for natural thorium (and related elements, such as Uranium 233) include: Nuclear Medicines, Catalysts, Coatings, Ceramics, Super conductors, Electronics and Magnetrons.

There are many applications of thorium still in use today, from welding materials to radar magnetrons, and microwave ovens – it is a proven, and safe material.

Thorium use as part of a nuclear fuel mix remains one of the most promising applications.

There are many advanced reactor programs operating today that have thorium at the heart of their fuel design and safety case.

The most significant project that Thorium Energy Alliance has embarked on is assisting the Government of El Salvador and Comisión Ejecutiva Hidroeléctrica del Río Lempa (CEL) in planning the deployment of advanced, inherently safe, cost effective, new nuclear, to work with a grid that already has a high degree of renewables penetration.

This project involves harmonizing the work of new and existing organizations in country, as well as managing international cooperation with the IAEA, and many other partner countries and private corporations from around the world, coordinating the providing of services and expertise in new nuclear builds.

WANTED - T.E.A. is working on behalf of the Government of El Salvador to find subject matter experts who want to take on a challenge and be on the team that will be the first to deploy Thorium Energy in the Western World.

Primary Areas of Interest Include:
• Regulatory & Nuclear Law
• Operations & Systems Integration
• Educators & Curriculum Designers
• Capacity Building Expertise

This is a rare opportunity, open to all, to help create a new public private partnership with no legacy burden. A clean start to deploy the next generation of New Nuclear Energy.

If you have the desire it takes to be part of something new and bold, contact us.

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