ANS names Annual Meeting award winners, two new Fellows

June 9, 2022, 3:00PMANS News

The American Nuclear Society 2022 Annual Meeting starts next week in Anaheim, Calif., and will run through June 16. ANS has named the recipients of five awards that will be presented at the meeting, as well as two new Fellows, who will be honored during the opening plenary session. Additionally, over a dozen presidential citations will be awarded during the president’s special session at the meeting.


John G. Gilligan, ANS member since 1978 and professor at North Carolina State University, in recognition of his capable leadership of the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy’s university programs, expanding their scope and size, and enhancing the engagement of the nuclear engineering academic community with national laboratories and industry for the betterment of the U.S. innovative nuclear energy posture.

Scot A. Greenlee, ANS member since 2011 and senior vice president of engineering and technical services at Constellation Generation, in recognition of his leadership in industry initiatives that have improved nuclear plant performance and economic competitiveness, including implementing risk-informed programs and regulations, digitalization of control systems, and advancements in accident tolerant fuel.


Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award (co-awarded by the Nuclear Energy Institute)

William E. Webster, Jr., ANS member since 2009 and chairman of the Japan Nuclear Safety Institute, in recognition of his superior leadership and unwavering commitment to nuclear safety and contributing to operational excellence persisting as a core value for the nuclear industry.

Walter H. Zinn Medal

Per F. Peterson, ANS member since 1990, professor at the University of California–Berkeley, and chief nuclear officer at Kairos Power, in recognition of his contributions to the development of technologies for passive safety in nuclear reactors, and his leadership to develop and commercialize fluoride salt–cooled high-temperature reactors.

Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award

Caleb S. Brooks, ANS member since 2013 and associate professor at the University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, in recognition of his service to ANS, his high-quality and high-impact research in reactor safety, and his continued work to make microreactor technology a reality on campus.

Katrina M. Groth, ANS member since 2000 and associate professor at the University of Maryland, in recognition of her sustained technical excellence in nuclear safety, probabilistic risk assessment, and human reliability analysis.

Christian M. Petrie, ANS member since 2008 and senior research scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in recognition of his leadership in developing novel irradiation capabilities, fiber optic sensors, and advanced manufacturing processes for embedding sensors to accelerate qualification of new nuclear materials.

Mishima Award

James F. Stubbins, ANS member since 1982 and professor at the University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, in recognition of advancing nuclear science and technology in nuclear materials, irradiation damage and effects, mechanical properties, high-temperature corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and electron microscopy.

Special Award for Outstanding Contributions to Retaining the Operations and Lifetime of Zero-Carbon Nuclear Reactors

Bruce Hallbert, ANS member since 2019 and director of the Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program at Idaho National Laboratory, in recognition of his dedication in the creation and deployment of that program, benefiting the continued operation of U.S. nuclear power plants.

Presidential Citations

Amanda M. Bachmann, ANS member since 2016 and graduate research assistant at the University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, for her service on the Board of Directors and other committees and for her leadership among student members.

Sven O. Bader, ANS member since 1992 and technical consultant at Orano USA, for his many and varied contributions to ANS (committees, conferences, standards, and scholarships) and his leadership in the technology and policy aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Amir A. Bahadori, ANS member since 2015 and associate professor at Kansas State University, for his effective leadership addressing radiation issues for ANS, including the revision of Position Statement #41, “Health Effects of Low-Level Radiation.”

Lake H. Barrett, ANS member since 1975 and former Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy official, for his extensive and distinguished service to ANS and the nuclear technology field at large.

James W. Behrens, ANS member since 1979 and technical advisor for the U.S. Navy, for building a strong relationship between ANS and the United States Navy nuclear program, including the U.S. Naval Academy Student Section.

Jacopo Buongiorno, ANS member since 1999 and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for his outstanding support of ANS crisis communications.

Nathan A. Carstens, ANS member since 1998 and engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, for his outstanding service in national education activities supporting professional licensure.

Hans David Gougar, ANS member since 1994 and manager at X-energy, for his longtime support of ANS, including the development and adoption of Society Bylaws and Rules changes needed to implement the 2020 Change Plan.

H. M. “Hash” Hashemian, ANS member since 1985 and president/CEO of Analysis and Measurement Services, for his many and varied contributions to ANS, including his service as chair of the Honors and Awards Committee.

Matthew Jeffrey Jasica, ANS member since 2013 and postdoctoral associate at Argonne National Laboratory, for outstanding service as the chair of the Young Members Group.

N. Prasad Kadambi, ANS member since 1972 and consultant at Kadambi Engineering Consultants, for sustained contributions to ANS, including his leadership in the areas of risk-­informed, performance-­based rulemaking and advanced reactors.

Lisa M. Marshall, ANS member since 2005 and director of the Outreach, Retention, and Engagement Program at North Carolina State University, for her sustained support of ANS over many years and in many areas, most notably education, scholarship, and diversity.

Kathryn A. Mummah, ANS member since 2013 and graduate research assistant at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, for her service on the Board of Directors and other committees and for her leadership among student members.

Gene A. Nelson, ANS member since 2018 and government liaison for Californians for Green Nuclear Power, for his unflagging work with Californians for Green Nuclear Power to expose the hypocrisy associated with the planned shutdown of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant and his support of efforts by ANS and other organizations to prevent the shutdown.

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