Daniel Stout named CNO of Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation

May 12, 2022, 12:03PMANS News


Newly elected ANS board member Daniel Stout has been named chief nuclear officer of Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation, based in Seattle, Wash. In the CNO position, Stout will oversee and support USNC’s nuclear operations, including licensing and regulatory compliance efforts, reactor and power plant manufacturing planning, and management of client support operations and fleet services. Previously, Stout was director of nuclear technology and innovation for the Tennessee Valley Authority.

A long résumé: Stout has worked in the nuclear energy sector for more than three decades in planning and budgeting, licensing, and developing reactors and associated infrastructure. At TVA, he managed the organization’s small modular reactor project, recently obtaining an early site permit from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the potential deployment of SMRs at TVA’s Clinch River site.

Earlier in his career, Stout served as director of nuclear fuel recycling with the Department of Energy. In that position, he oversaw planning and policy development, collaborated with industry leaders to support the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, and was the department’s primary liaison with the NRC.

Stout is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and served as a nuclear submarine officer with the Navy before obtaining a master’s degree in engineering management from National Technological University.

Goals with ANS: Stout was elected to the ANS board in April for a term beginning in June. “I am supportive of ANS’s recent missions to develop nuclear science education curricula for use in public schools and to take a leadership role in providing a more appropriate response to low-dose radiation,” he said. Regarding his role on the board: “My goal is to apply my experience to guide ANS to become a more effective organization in service to its members. I will do my part to ensure that the ANS leadership team is connected to ground truth, so that its leadership is informed and effective.”