Online fundraising event for Ukraine to be held April 27–28

April 26, 2022, 12:01PMANS Nuclear Cafe

An open online event titled “Challenges of Ukraine’s nuclear energy in wartime” will be held on April 27 and 28. The event is sponsored by the International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Recovery (INUDECO). Organizers include the Slavutych (Ukraine) City Council, the Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Safety of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Nuclear Society.

Register now. There is no fee for registration. However, funds raised from participants will be donated for humanitarian purposes. Fundraising is open now.

What it’s about: Participants will discuss and analyze the nuclear situation in Ukraine in regard to its ongoing war with Russia. Reports will be presented on a variety of related topics, including the manifestation of nuclear terrorism, the actions of international organizations, the operation of nuclear facilities during wartime, and the sanctions against the Russian nuclear sector. The official languages for the event are English and Ukrainian, with simultaneous translations.

An open online discussion will take place on April 27. On April 28, INUDECO sectional meetings will cover “problems of nuclear facilities’ decommissioning and environmental recovery.”

Organizers/participants: The list of event organizers as provided by INUDECO is as follows:

  • Executive Committee of the Slavutych City Council, Vyshhorod District, Kyiv Region
  • Municipal Enterprise Regional Development Agency of the Vyshhorod District of the Slavutych City Council
  • Institute of Nuclear Power Plant Safety of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management, State Specialized Enterprise, and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
  • Slavutych branch of the National Technical University of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Nuclear Society

Further information: Additional information about the event can be obtained by emailing INUDECO. Information about INUDECO conferences can be found on the organization’s website.

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