NuScale’s Reyes spreads word on SMRs

April 21, 2021, 3:01PMANS Nuclear Cafe


José Reyes, cofounder and chief technology officer at small modular reactor developer NuScale Power, touted the potential of the firm’s technology to help solve the nuclear industry’s cost-overrun issues in an interview yesterday with Yahoo Finance. (At up to 77 MWe gross, the NuScale Power Module is the smallest of the light-water SMRs in development.)

Speaking with journalist Akiko Fujita, Reyes, an ANS member since 1977, also touched on nuclear’s role in addressing the issue of climate change.

The eight-minute discussion is available online, along with the interview transcript.

Reyes excerpt: “Now one advantage that we have that has not been available in the past is that we can go to four modules, six modules, or 12 modules. And so that, of course, reduces the cost, depending on what [the customer needs]. And so, we’re tailoring our design so that it’s very responsive to customers as opposed to what was done in the past. The one-size-fits-all just doesn’t work anymore. So we can offer them a four- or a six-pack at a much-reduced cost. And we try to meet not only their capital cost requirements, but also the levelized cost of electricity. So, for this first project, they’ve set a target of $0.055 per kilowatt hour. And so that’s what we’re working toward right now.”

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