2021 WM Symposia conference to go virtual

November 20, 2020, 12:02PMRadwaste Solutions

Citing ongoing developments with COVID-19, Waste Management Symposia has announced that it has decided to make its 2021 Waste Management Conference a virtual event. WM Symposia has been holding its annual conference for the management of radioactive waste, nuclear decommissioning, and related topics since 1974. The conference is typically held in early March in Phoenix, Ariz.

“We feel a virtual conference is the safest approach for the well-being of our global audience,” WM Symposia said in a press release announcing the new format.

The virtual conference will begin on March 8, 2021. According to the WM Symposia website, the opening of attendee registration and exhibit booth sales is planned for November, with additional details to be made available.

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