Nuclear Matinee: Test Missile vs. Spent Fuel Cask

September 27, 2013, 4:30PMANS Nuclear Cafe

Yes, of course... in super slo-mo.  Today's Nuclear Matinee features videos of a recent test conducted to simulate an aircraft crash on a HI-STAR 180 spent nuclear fuel transport cask, a product of Holtec International that is completing rigorous certification for the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate.

This will be one tough, and well-sealed, cask.  The missile strike from the US Army's Aberdeen Proving Grounds launcher was at over 600 miles per hour - and resulted in no breach of containment integrity on the test scaled model:

The results in super slow-motion:

[evp_embed_video url="" height="315" width="420"]


"The post-impact inspection of the cask showed that it weathered the impact with large performance margins confirming our dynamicists' predictions..." see this Holtec Highlights release for all the details.

missile vs cask 321x201

 Thanks to NEI Network on YouTube and Holtec International 

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