New ANS professional division officers and executive committee members named

April 24, 2020, 4:46PMANS News

Listed below are the ANS professional divisions’ 2020–2021 officers and newly elected executive committee members. All terms begin during the ANS Annual Meeting in June. (Executive committee members whose three-year terms are continuing are not included.)

More information about ANS’s 19 professional divisions and two working groups is available by clicking the link.

Accelerator Applications Division

Valeriia Starovoitova, vice chair

Lin Shao, secretary

Eric J. Pitcher, treasurer

Executive committee members: Charlie A. Cooper, Mohamed Y. Gohar, Khalid Hattar

Aerospace Nuclear Science & Technology Division

Paolo F. Venneri, vice chair

Executive committee member: J. Stephen Herring

Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences Division

Douglas A. Davis, vice chair

Miles van Noordennen, secretary

Leah Spradley Parks, treasurer

Executive committee members: Sue Aggarwal, Joseph E. Carignan, C. E. “Gene” Carpenter Jr.

Education, Training & Workforce Development Division

Daniel Carleton, vice chair

Travis W. Knight, secretary

Craig Williamson, treasurer

Executive committee members: Sukesh K. Aghara, Richard P. Coe, Raymond J. Dean

Fuel Cycle & Waste Management Division

Stephanie H. Bruffey, vice chair

Executive committee members: Hatice Akkurt, Jeffery R. Brault, Patricia D. Paviet, Everett L. Redmond II, Luc G. G. Van Den Durpel

Fusion Energy Division

Lauren M. Garrison, vice chair

Matthew J. Jasica, secretary/treasurer

Executive committee members: Caroline Sorensen, Rosaria Villari, Jason Wilson

Human Factors, Instrumentation & Controls Division

Daniel G. Cole, second vice chair

Hyun Gook Kang, secretary

Ronald L. Boring, treasurer

Executive committee members: Nesrin O. Cetiner, Adam Deatherage, Ronald K. King, Graeme M. West

Isotopes & Radiation Division

Steven R. Biegalski, vice chair

Kimberly A. Burns, secretary

Robert G. Downing, treasurer

Executive committee members: Lei R. Cao, Derek A. Haas, Lin-Wen Hu, Robert E. Steiner

Materials Science & Technology Division

Troy Munro, vice chair

Kenneth J. Geelhood, secretary/treasurer

Executive committee members: Samuel A. Briggs, Fidelma G. Di Lemma, Tsvetoslav R. Pavlov, Simon M. Pimblott

Mathematics & Computation Division

Nicolas A. Gentile, vice chair

Brian C. Kiedrowski, secretary

Madicken Munk, treasurer

Executive committee members: Barry D. Ganapol, Kathryn D. Huff, Peter G. Maginot

Nuclear Criticality Safety Division

David G. Erickson, vice chair

Ellen M. Saylor, secretary

Margaret Marshall, treasurer

Executive committee members: Latisha M. Johnson, Arielle J. Miller, Brittany M. Williamson

Nuclear Installations Safety Division

Nicolas R. Brown, vice chair

Executive committee members: Matthew D. Bucknor, Matthew R. Denman, Steven P. Kraft, David W. Wootan

Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Division

John K. Mattingly, vice chair

Athena A. Sagadevan, secretary

Chloe Verschuren, treasurer

Executive committee members: Kelsey Amundson, Sunil Sunny Chirayath, Shaheen A. Dewji, Morris E. Hassler

Operations & Power Division

John K. Downing, first vice chair

Timothy M. Crook, second vice chair

Garry G. Young, treasurer

Ben Holtzman, secretary

Executive committee members: Anthony Campos, Harsh S. Desai, William N. Mann, Sandra M. Sloan

Radiation Protection & Shielding Division

Lawrence H. Heilbronn, vice chair

Amir A. Bahadori, secretary

Executive committee members: Sukesh K. Aghara, Alexander Barzilov, Alexander E. Perry, Rui Qiu

Reactor Physics Division

Amanda L. Lang, vice chair

Christopher M. Perfetti, secretary

Matthew A. Jessee, treasurer

Executive committee members: Benjamin R. Betzler, Christophe Demaziere, Luiz C. Leal, Paul K. Romano

Robotics & Remote Systems Division

Young Soo Park, vice chair

Adam J. Carroll, secretary

Michael J. Dalmaso, treasurer

Executive committee members: Anthony Abrahao, Kevin R. Hera, Taskin Padir

Thermal Hydraulics Division

Elia Merzari, vice chair

Bao-Wen Yang, secretary

Annalisa Manera, treasurer

Executive committee members: Caleb S. Brooks, Yang Liu, John C. Luxat, Hisashi Ninokata, Piyush Sabharwall

Young Members Group

Matthew J. Jasica, vice chair

Kelsey Amundson, treasurer

Sarah Camba Lynn, secretary

Executive committee members: Timothy M. Crook, Patrick J. Snouffer, Kelley M. Verner, Matthew D. Wargon

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