DOE issues RFP for Savannah River contract

April 23, 2020, 12:33PMNuclear News

The Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management (EM) has issued a draft request for proposal for the stand-alone management and operations (M&O) contract for Savannah River National Laboratory, located at the Savannah River Site near Aiken, S.C. The five-year contract, with possible award terms of up to five additional years, is anticipated to have a value of approximately $381 million a year.

The scope: The work performed under the multi-program federally funded research and development center contract will include the operation and maintenance of SRNL’s nuclear and nonnuclear facilities and the DOE’s mission roles focused on environmental management, national security, science discovery, energy security, and legacy management.

A long time coming: The award of a new, site-wide M&O contract for the Savannah River Site has been on hold for almost two years, and the issuance of the draft RFP has been anticipated by the DOE contractor community. The DOE initially issued a draft RFP for the site management contract in 2018 but later postponed the search after the National Nuclear Security Administration began conversations with EM regarding their respective responsibilities at the site. Subsequently, in July 2019, the DOE extended Savannah River Nuclear Solutions’ (SRNS) M&O contract through September 2020, with the possibility for further extensions of up to two years (NN, Aug. 2019, p. 83). SRNS, a Fluor-led partnership with Honeywell and Newport News Nuclear, has held the Savannah River Site M&O contract since 2008.

EM said, “Given EM’s focus on completing its cleanup mission, DOE is seeking to position SRNL for an enduring mission and to maximize the realization of SRNL’s potential as a national laboratory to benefit the department, the American scientific discovery and innovation ecosystem, the local communities near the laboratory, and the American taxpayer at large.” It is expected that an EM-managed M&O contract will enhance the lab’s ability to focus on its mission while also pursuing more diversified R&D projects and attracting additional experts in the operation of R&D facilities. The DOE also hopes to attract more interest and involvement in the lab by universities and research institutions.

The procurement process: EM said that it wants to pursue a selection process that would focus on the most discriminating evaluation elements of laboratory vision, key personnel, management and operations, past performance, and transition plan.

For the SRNL procurement, the DOE intends to conduct a pre-solicitation conference and industry one-on-one sessions virtually. If permissible, the DOE will also hold a site tour and a community day for interested community partners. Registration information is available through the EM Consolidated Business Center’s SRNL procurement website. Interested parties are encouraged to review the draft RFP prior to attending any events. All news and announcements, documents (including the draft and final RFP), questions and answers, pre-solicitation conference information, and related links will be posted to the site. The draft and final RFP will also be posted to the Fedconnect website.

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