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ANS sponsors the production of public service announcements (PSA) addressing the importance of nuclear science and technology. The two most recent PSA's, "Energy Matters" and "Science in Everyday Life," have already aired in major cities across the United States such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle and Baltimore. They offer basic facts and information on nuclear power and space exploration.

Members are encouraged to download and distribute the PSA's to area radio stations to help inform and educate the public about the role nuclear plays in our lives. Copies are also available upon request.

Audio MP3 Audio Real Audio Windows Media
On the Menu   (0:30)
Food Facts   (0:30)
Science in Our Lives   (1:00)
Science and Medicine   (0:30)
Medical News   (0:30)
Energy Matters   (0:30)
Science in Everyday Life   (0:30)
Video MPEG Windows Media
Science and Society   (1:00)

Video: Dr. James Lovelock

In this 11-minute video prepared for the American Nuclear Society, James Lovelock explains his support of nuclear energy in a simple question and answer format. The CD-ROM can be used in its entirety or selected segments for discussion among community and student audiences. Lovelock's challenges to conventional nuclear wisdom also could serve to provoke interesting conversation and debate at local section meetings.

Topics addressed include:

  • Climate change
  • Environmental urgency
  • Politics and Public Opinion
  • A Real Green
  • Renewables
  • Natural gas option
  • In my backyard - Nuclear waste

Please contact the Outreach Department to order.

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