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Two Recipients Honored with 2013 Edward Teller Award

Tracy Marc|

LaGrange Park, IL – The American Nuclear Society (ANS) recognizes Richard D. Petrasso and James H. Hammer as recipients of the 2013 Edward Teller Award.

MR. Hammer currently is the Distinguished member of the Technical Staff at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Among many credits, Mr. Hammer is the co-inventor of the fast-ignition approach to nuclear fusion energy. He received his PhD from the University of California, Berkely.

MR. Petrasso is cofounder and leader of the High-Energy-Density Physics Division of the Plasma Science and Fusion Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Mr. Petrasso’s accomplishments include the pioneered use of nuclear diagnostics for understanding nuclear fusion energy research. He received his PhD from Brandeis University.

The Edward Teller Award recognizes pioneering research and leadership in the use of laser and ion-particle beams to produce unique, high-temperature and high-density matter for scientific research and for controlled thermonuclear fusion.

Currently with more than 35 prestigious awards, the American Nuclear Society has a vigorous program to honor outstanding achievement and meritorious service in the various fields served by the Society. Through its honors and awards program, ANS recognizes the exceptional accomplishments of nuclear science and technology professionals. Awards range from elevation of a member to Fellow grade for outstanding accomplishment to named awards honoring highly respected individuals in their field.

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