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2017 Fellows Named for the American Nuclear Society

Tracy Marc|

 The American Nuclear Society (ANS) has selected four of its members to be honored as Fellows for their outstanding accomplishments in the areas of nuclear science and technology.  Fellow is the highest member status presented by the society.

Professor Jacopo Buongiorno, professor and associate department head of nuclear science and engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was recognized for his fundamental science and engineering development accomplishments in nano-fluid thermal-hydraulic behavior,  and surface characteristics enabling beneficial boiling heat transfer performance. He also conceived and developed of an offshore nuclear plant that achieved enhanced safety and promise to reduce capital cost coupled with outstanding teaching performance.

Professor Sara Pozzi, professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences at the University of Michigan, was recognized for her sustained and outstanding contributions to the field of nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards, including the development of the MCNPX-PoliMi Monte Carlo code, new detection systems for special nuclear materials, and her leadership for the Consortium for Verification Technology.

Dr. Poong Hyun Seong, professor of nuclear engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, was honored for his distinguished career in the field of nuclear instrumentation and control, human operators, and their interfaces with nuclear power systems. He led significant scientific and technical leadership in a nuclear enterprise by performing projects that could finally lead to new design of nuclear reactors in his field.

Dr. Richard Wood, professor of nuclear engineering at the University of Tennessee, contributed significantly to nuclear safety and regulation through research, technical evaluation, and guidance development, primarily in support of NRC. His most exceptional accomplishment involves development/revision of more than one-third of NRC's l&C-specific regulatory guides. Other notable achievements include safety standard development and international review mission participation.

The four Fellows were formally recognized at the ANS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Calif. on June 12, 2017. A full list of ANS Fellows can be found on the ANS website

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