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Report lays out roadmap for nuclear research education

In a report titled, Nuclear's Human Element, the American Nuclear Society (ANS) outlines six specific recommendations to the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and congressional leaders that are critical to sustaining the faculty, students, and infrastructure needed to support a healthy U.S. nuclear education system and future workforce.

Some of the recommendations include the following: to conduct a national nuclear workforce study, strengthen the future workforce, increase funding, and expand nuclear research programs.

"Strength in the university nuclear education program is vital to the country's future. Without proper financial support, the U.S. will lose its ability to create the workforce it needs for the global nuclear energy resurgence," said Harold McFarlane, ANS President.

The report calls on lawmakers to support and fulfill the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and expand the reach of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) programs.

"The overarching conclusion of the ANS Special Committee on Federal Investment in Nuclear Education (the FINE Committee) is that a clear national interest exists for the federal government, primarily through the DOE, to continue to expand its stewardship of the U.S. nuclear education enterprise. America's university-based NSE programs cannot continue to be leaders in the field without an active DOE university program," said Warren Miller, Chair of the ANS FINE Committee.

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