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National and international nuclear leaders come together to be honored by the American Nuclear Society

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) honored four nuclear professionals by bestowing on them the status of ANS Fellow at the society's annual conference, this year being held in Reno, NV. These individuals have made significant accomplishments in the various fields of nuclear science and engineering. Receiving the society's highest honor as a Fellow recognizes each individual's extraordinary leadership within and acknowledges their major contributions, to the nuclear field.

ANS Fellows

Soon Heung Chang, a professor in the Nuclear and Quantum Energy Department at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, is being honored for his outstanding scholarly contributions to the fundamental understanding of thermal hydraulics phenomena with an emphasis on the critical heat flux, severe accident analysis and nuclear safety. His technical leadership as a statesman for the nuclear community in Korea and in the international community, as well as his exceptional efforts through international scientific cooperation and exchanges has been exemplary.

George E. Dials, President and General Manager of BWXT Y-12 in Tennessee, is being honored for his creative visionary leadership and for successfully developing and implementing of the policies and strategies leading to: (1) the opening of the world's first deep geological repository for long-lived, transuranic radioactive waste at the WIPP site in New Mexico; (2) the site suitability report forming the decision basis for the nation's only candidate deep geological repository for SNF/HLW at the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada; and (3) the pending opening of the nation's first "Compact" LLW-disposal facility in Texas.

Chang Hyo Kim, a professor in the Nuclear Energy Department at the Seoul National University in the Republic of Korea, is being honored for his significant original contributions to the advancement of nuclear reactor physics. His research in advanced nodal methods for core neutronics analysis provided a firm unified mathematical basis for the many nodal methods developed in the "80's". His work in advanced Monte Carlo Methods provided, for the first time, a robust stochastic transport method incorporating temperature feedback effects into the solution for reactor applications.

Imre Pazsit, a professor in the Department of Reactor Physics at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, is being honored for the development of the theory of neutron fluctuations in zero power systems and power reactors and elaboration of novel uses of noise theory for the diagnostics of traditional and emerging nuclear systems and for his extraordinary leadership as educator and department head at one of the leading nuclear engineering departments of the world.

ANS bestows the Fellow designation, to recognize outstanding accomplishment by members in one or more of the disciplines or fields of nuclear science and engineering.
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