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Nuclear Power From Underseas to Outer Space

John W. Simpson

Item ID: 690042|ISBN: 978-0-89448-559-6

1995|1st Edition|468 pages

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John Simpson, former president of Westinghouse Power Systems Company and past president of the American Nuclear Society, provides a vibrant account of the events associated with the birth of the nuclear industry. Simpson's account of his career and the many turns it took is formidable. Sixteen chapters provide the reader with a historical perspective portrayed by a person whose role, energy, and contributions to the development of fission power are significant. Simpson takes you through the building and operation of the first submarine, nuclear propulsion units, Shippingport, the astronuclear years, and early commercial power. Written largely in narrative and anecdotal form, the technical story is also provided. The final chapter provides a summary and the author's thought-provoking view of the future of nuclear power.
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