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Problems in Elementary Reactor Physics, with Solutions

Eleodor M. Nichita, Benjamin Rouben

Item ID: 350027|ISBN: 978-0-89448-462-9

2017|288 pages

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This collection of problems is intended primarily for undergraduate students studying reactor physics. Graduate students and nuclear-industry professionals interested in reviewing fundamental reactor-physics concepts will also find it useful. Readers will get a better understanding of essential reactor-physics concepts through simple problems with solutions that require, for the most part, only modest mathematical tools that won’t obscure the underlying physical phenomena. The originality of included problems makes them a valuable complement to those found in undergraduate reactor-physics textbooks. Detailed solutions are provided for all the problems in the book. A comprehensive summary of definitions and formulas useful for solving elementary reactor-physics problems is also included. 
An interview with author Eleodor Nichita was published in Nuclear News. The full interview is available here: