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Light Water Reactor Materials, Volume I: Fundamentals

Arthur T. Motta, Donald R. Olander

Item ID: 350026|ISBN: 978-0-89448-461-2

1st Edition|866 pages

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Light Water Reactor Materials, Volume I: Fundamentals is a textbook that describes the fundamentals of nuclear materials behavior in light water reactors. Both the materials science and nuclear engineering topics needed to understand the behavior of materials in-reactor are covered. The first volume focuses on fundamentals, including thermodynamics, crystallography, diffusion, elasticity, dislocations, grain boundaries, nuclear heat production, phase transformations, mechanical behavior, radiation damage, microstructure evolution under irradiation, and aqueous corrosion, and a chapter on computational materials written by Brian Wirth. A forthcoming second volume (Applications) will focus on applying these principles to real-world problems.
An interview with author Arthur Motta was published in Nuclear News. The full interview is available here: