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Transport and Removal of Aerosols in Nuclear Power Plants Following Severe Accidents

Rudolph Sher, Richard R. Hobbins

Item ID: 300033|ISBN: 978-0-89448-043-0

2011|1st Edition|218 pages

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Sher and Hobbins present the current state of knowledge of the chemical and thermodynamic phenomena taking place in reactor cores during the progression of accidents; the formation and physical and chemical properties of the aerosols; the timing and duration of the aerosol release from the core to the coolant and containment; and the physical, chemical, and thermal-hydraulic phenomena that govern the removal of aerosols from the containment atmosphere, which often result in only a small fraction of the aerosol being released to other parts of the plant or to the outside environment.

Published in ten chapters, each chapter with a list of references, and a subject index included.