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ANSI/ANS-2.19-1981;R1990;W2000 (R=Reaffirmed, W=Withdrawn): Guidelines for Establishing Site-Related Parameters for Site Selection and Design of an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation

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This standard presents guidelines for establishing site-related parameters for site selection and design of an independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI). This installation provides storage of spent light water reactor (LWR) fuel that has aged a minimum of one year after discharge from the reactor core in a water basin type structure. Such an installation may be independent of both a nuclear power station and a reprocessing facility, or located adjacent to these facilities in order to share selected support systems. Aspects considered include flooding, geology, seismology, ground water, foundation engineering, earthwork engineering, and extreme wind conditions. These guidelines identify the basic site-related parameters to be considered in site evaluation, and in the design, construction, and operation of the ISFSI.
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