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ANSI/ANS-2.23-2002;R2009;W2016 (R=Reaffirmed; W=Withdrawn): Nuclear Plant Response to an Earthquake

Historical Standard, Replaced by ANSI/ANS-2.23-2016

Price: $127.80 – $142.00

Item ID: 240244

ANSI/ANS-3.2-2006;W2012 (W=Withdrawn): Administrative Controls and Quality Assurance for the Operational Phase of Nuclear Power Plants

Historical Standard, Superseded by ANSI/ANS-3.2-2012

Price: $144.00 – $160.00

Item ID: 240262

ANSI/ANS-3.3-1988;W1998 (W=Withdrawn): Security for Nuclear Power Plants

Historical Standard

Price: $77.40 – $86.00

Item ID: 240169

ANSI/ANS-3.7.1-1995;W2005 (W=Withdrawn): Facilities and Medical Care for On-Site Nuclear Power Plant Radiological Emergencies

Historical Standard, Revision of ANSI/ANS-3.7.1-1979;R1986

Price: $63.00 – $70.00

Item ID: 240213

ANSI/ANS-3.8.1-1995;W2005 (W=Withdrawn): Criteria for Radiological Emergency Response Functions and Organizations

Historical Standard, Revision of ANSI/ANS-3.8.1-1987

Price: $108.90 – $121.00

Item ID: 240208

ANSI/ANS-3.8.4-1995;W2005 (W=Withdrawn): Criteria for Maintaining Radiological Emergency Response Capability

Historical Standard, Revision of ANSI/ANS-3.8.4-1987

Price: $46.80 – $52.00

Item ID: 240211

ANSI/ANS-3.11-2005;R2010;W2015 (W=Withdrawn): Determining Meteorological Information at Nuclear Facilities

Historical Standard, Superseded by ANSI/ANS-3.11-2015

Price: $134.10 – $149.00

Item ID: 240260

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