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U.S. Fast Burst Reactors: Design and Operational History

Theodore R. Schmidt

Price: $35.10 – $39.00

Item ID: 300037|2017|1st Edition

Experimental Technical Bases for Evaluating Vapor/Steam Explosions in Nuclear Reactor Safety

Robert E. Henry, Hans K. Fauske

Price: $85.50 – $95.00

Item ID: 300036|2017|1st Edition

Radiochemical Technology in Nuclear Power Plants

Chien C. Lin

Price: $71.10 – $79.00

Item ID: 300035|2013|1st Edition

TMI-2: An Event in Accident Management For Light-Water-Moderated Reactors

Robert E. Henry

Price: $80.10 – $89.00

Item ID: 300034|2011|1st Edition

Transport and Removal of Aerosols in Nuclear Power Plants Following Severe Accidents

Rudolph Sher, Richard R. Hobbins

Price: $66.60 – $74.00

Item ID: 300033|2011|1st Edition

Experimental Breeder Reactor-II (EBR-II): An Integrated Experimental Fast Reactor Nuclear Power Station

Leonard J. Koch

Price: $61.20 – $68.00

Item ID: 300032|2008|1st Edition

Advances in Plutonium Chemistry 1967-2000

Edited by Darleane C. Hoffman

Price: $71.10 – $79.00

Item ID: 300029|2002|1st Edition

The Thermal-Hydraulics of a Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor, Second Edition

Richard T. Lahey, F. J. Moody

Price: $89.10 – $99.00

Item ID: 300026|1996|Second Edition

Probability, Statistics, and Data Uncertainties in Nuclear Science and Technology

Donald L. Smith

Price: $37.80 – $42.00

Item ID: 300025|1991

Expert Systems Applications Within the Nuclear Industry

John A. Bernard, Takashi Washio

Price: $52.20 – $58.00

Item ID: 300024|1989|1st Edition

Power Development in a Developing Country - Experiences with Taipower

David S. Chu

Price: $39.60 – $44.00

Item ID: 300023|1989|1st Edition

The EBR-II Fuel Cycle Story

Charles E. Stevenson

Price: $61.20 – $68.00

Item ID: 300022|1987|1st Edition

Transport Processes in Boiling and Two-Phase Systems: Including Near-Critical Fluids

Yih-Yun Hsu, Robert W. Graham

Price: $75.60 – $84.00

Item ID: 300021|1986|1st Edition

Nuclear Criticality Safety: Theory and Practice

Ronald A. Knief

Price: $58.50 – $65.00

Item ID: 300020|1985|1st Edition

Thermal and Flow Design of Helium-Cooled Reactors

Robert Katz, Gilbert B. Melese

Price: $71.10 – $79.00

Item ID: 300019|1984|1st Edition

Power Reactor Noise

Joseph A. Thie

Price: $61.20 – $68.00

Item ID: 300018|1981|1st Edition

Detection of Fissionable Materials by Nondestructive Means

Samuel Untermyer, Rudolph Sher

Price: $78.30 – $87.00

Item ID: 300017|1980|1st Edition

Water Coolant Technology of Power Reactors

Paul Cohen

Price: $45.00 – $50.00

Item ID: 300016|1980|1st Edition

Thermal Analysis of Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactors

R. D. Coffield, Robert A. Markley, Y. S. Tang

Price: $64.80 – $72.00

Item ID: 300013|1978|1st Edition

Fusion Energy Conversion

George H. Miley

Price: $64.80 – $72.00

Item ID: 300009|1976|1st Edition

Boiling Liquid-Metal Heat Transfer

O. E. Dwyer

Price: $41.40 – $46.00

Item ID: 300008|1976|1st Edition

Nuclear Materials: Accountability Management Safeguards

James E. Lovett

Price: $30.60 – $34.00

Item ID: 300007|1974|1st Edition

Promethium Technology

Earl J. Wheelwright

Price: $36.90 – $41.00

Item ID: 300006|1973|1st Edition

Small-Sample Reactivity Measurements in Nuclear Reactors

Wesley K. Foell

Price: $43.20 – $48.00

Item ID: 300005|1972|1st Edition

Direct Conversion of Nuclear Radiation Energy

George H. Miley

Price: $37.80 – $42.00

Item ID: 300003|1970|1st Edition

Reactivity Coefficients in Large Fast Power Reactors

Harry H. Hummel, David Okrent

Price: $42.30 – $47.00

Item ID: 300002|1970|1st Edition

Fabrication of Thorium Fuel Elements

Giancarlo Schileo, Louis R. Weissert

Price: $23.40 – $26.00

Item ID: 300001|1968

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