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Diversity and Inclusion in ANS Committee


An applicant may receive one grant per year. The limit for a single grant is $1,500. Recipients must complete the project within 12 months after receiving the grant, and a grant report must be submitted to the ANS DIA Committee within two months after completion of the project.

Grants funds may not be awarded for the same program more than three (3) times.

The following provide guidance on general expectations, timeline, and restrictions on expenditures using NEED funds. The DIA Committee reserves the right to reduce the amount of a grant to an institution if the proposal contains activities that are not aligned with NEED’s mission.

Appropriate funding requests include:

  1. Printing recruitment brochures aimed at women and underrepresented minorities
  2. Postage
  3. Travel to local and regional high schools and/or universities without nuclear-related academic programs to recruit students
  4. Innovative recruitment activities


2-5 awarded annually up to $1,500/each

Restrictions on Funds:

  1. Requests for funding for the following are strongly discouraged:
  2. Individual scholarships (ANS already provides several scholarships for disadvantaged students).
  3. Food and Beverages (NEED funds absolutely may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages).
  4. If funding is to be used for refreshments at recruitment events, requestors should indicate a willingness for cost-sharing in the proposal.
  5. NEED funds may not be used to support student travel to ANS or other professional/technical society meetings since there are other sources of funding available for this purpose.
  6. NEED funds may not be used for travel support to campus for individual prospective students, however, funds may be used for group travel (5 or more students).

Final Reports:

  1. Reports are due 2 months after completing the project.
  2. Reports should be outcome-based and discuss the impact on the desired outcome, including metrics where available.
  3. Provide as much evidence of the direct impact of funding on recruitment successes as possible.
  4. Provide proof of expenses, including copies of receipts, to support adherence to proposal objectives and budget.
  5. Provide photos and/or videos from the event.
  6. Report revisions and updates are welcomed.
  7. Failure to submit reports will render the institution ineligible to receive additional grants from ANS until the report is submitted.


September 1

Call for NGAP proposals sent to NE department chairs and faculty advisors

October 15

Proposal Deadline

ANS Winter Meeting (Oct/Nov)


December 1

Funding Awarded

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