Grant Guidelines

Grant Amounts

Up to $1,500 will be distributed to help sections begin new Nuclear Science Week outreach activities. There is a $1,000 maximum grant request; there is no minimum request amount. There is no set number of sections that may be awarded cash.

Cash Assistance grants do not limit any section's ability to apply for and receive in-kind donations of public information materials for Nuclear Science Week or other events.

Who can apply?

Cash Assistance Grant application form must be submitted by ANS national members on behalf of their section. Contact Janice Lindegard with questions or for additional information.

What activities and events are supported?

In order to be considered for a grant, the activity or event must promote one or more of the following messages:

  • Radiation and radioactivity are a natural part of our world.
  • Nuclear technology works.
  • Nuclear technology enhances our quality of life.

This year, we encourage you to take advantage of ANS’s K-12 nuclear science and technology education program, Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our WorldTM, by incorporating it into your outreach efforts. You can find more information about the program on the ANS website, and we’re happy to help you in adapting its elements to your outreach events.

Please note that grants may not be used for:

  • Direct donations or grants to individuals
  • Political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts
  • Scholarships/internships/fellowships/awards

  • Volunteer stipends
  • Food/Beverage
  • Travel/Lodging
  • Speaker Fees

How will applications be judged?

Volunteer members of ANS will review applications. The reviewers will judge applications based on alignment with messaging (see above), target audience, evidence of the section's ability to execute the activity, and methods for measuring the effectiveness of the event in achieving the desired goal.


Applications are due on or before September 7, 2020. Grant recipients will be notified by September 21, 2020. Contact Janice Lindegard with questions or for additional information.

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