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An Advanced Plasma Control System for Tore Supra

Thijs Wijnands, Gilles Martin

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 32 / Number 3 / November 1997 / Pages 471-486


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The first results on plasma control with the new plasma control system of Tore Supra are described. The system has been especially designed for long-pulse operation: Plasmas are controlled by reference signals, which can be varied in real time by using diagnostic measurements. On-line determination of the global plasma equilibrium has enabled new operation scenarios in which both the power from the poloidal field generators and the total lower-hybrid (LH) power are used to control the plasma. Experiments with feedback control of the safety factor on the plasma boundary, control of the LH-driven current, control of the flux on the plasma boundary, and control of the internal inductance are demonstrated. Finally, future modifications to the system, aimed at controlling the current profile during long-pulse operation, are discussed.

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