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Overview of Core Diagnostics for TEXTOR

A. J. H. Donné, M. F. M. de Bock, I. G. J. Classen, M. G. von Hellermann, K. Jakubowska, R. Jaspers, C. J. Barth, H. J. van der Meiden, T. Oyevaar, M. J. van de Pol, S. K. Varshney, G. Bertschinger, W. Biel, C. Busch, K. H. Finken, H. R. Koslowski, A. Krämer-Flecken, A. Kreter, Y. Liang, H. Oosterbeek, O. Zimmermann, G. Telesca, G. Verdoolaege, C. W. Domier, N. C. Luhmann, Jr., E. Mazzucato, T. Munsat, H. Park, M. Kantor, D. Kouprienko, A. Alexeev, S. Ohdachi, S. Korsholm, P. Woskov, H. Bindslev, F. Meo, P. K. Michelsen, S. Michelsen, S. K. Nielsen, E. Tsakadze, L. Shmaenok

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 47 / Number 2 / Pages 220-245

February 2005


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The diagnostic system of TEXTOR comprises about 50 individual diagnostic devices. Since the start of the Trilateral Euregio Cluster collaboration, part of the emphasis in the experimental program has shifted toward the study of physics processes in the plasma core. To aid these studies several new and advanced core diagnostics have been implemented, whereas a number of other core diagnostics have been upgraded to higher resolution, more channels, and better accuracy. In this paper a brief overview is given of the present set of plasma core diagnostics at TEXTOR.

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