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Risk Assessment for Spent-Fuel Pool Cooling at Boiling Water Reactors

Truong V. Vo, Timothy M. Mitts, Tyrone R. Blackburn, Hanh K. Phan

Nuclear Technology

Volume 114 / Number 2 / May 1996 / Pages 179-193


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A risk assessment of potential events at Susquehanna Steam Electric Station (SSES) is described wherein a loss of cooling occurs in a spent-fuel pool (SFP). This evaluation was performed as part of the evaluation of potential generic issue 93-01, regarding the safety impact of incidents involving the loss of SFP cooling (SFPC). The analysis investigates allegations and concerns identified in a Title 10, Part 21 Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR 21) report filed by two former contract employees, who alleged that SSES has design deficiencies associated with SFPC that make it susceptible to unsafe conditions. The evaluation estimates the likelihood of a loss-of-SFPC event at SSES and the associated probability of the SFP heating up to nearboiling conditions. The evaluation also includes an assessment for such near-boiling events for their contribution to core damage and an estimate of order-of-magnitude core damage frequency. The analysis addresses SSES plant conditions that existed prior to the 10 CFR 21 report and also current plant conditions. Data for this analysis were obtained from the SSES licensee and from other relevant data sources, including probabilistic risk assessment information. Background for the evaluations performed, the methodology used in the evaluation, the data and modeling used for the analyses, the analysis techniques and results, and conclusions are presented.

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