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The Use of Molybdenum-Based Ceramic-Metal (CerMet) Fuel for the Actinide Management in LWRs

Klaas Bakker, Frodo C. Klaassen, Ronald P. C. Schram, Alfred Hogenbirk, Robin Klein Meulekamp, Arjan Bos, Hubert Rakhorst, Charles A. Mol

Nuclear Technology

Volume 146 / Number 3 / June 2004 / Pages 325-331


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The technical and economic aspects of the use of molybdenum depleted in the isotope 95Mo (DepMo) for the transmutation of actinides in a light water reactor are discussed. DepMo has a low neutron absorption cross section and good physical and chemical properties. Therefore, DepMo is expected to be a good inert matrix in ceramic-metal fuel. The costs of the use of DepMo have been assessed, and it was concluded that these costs can be justified for the transmutation of the actinides neptunium, americium, and plutonium.

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