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WISE: A New Fuel Cycle Concept Based on a Mobile Fuel Reactor

Igor Slessarev, G. Palmiotti, M. Salvatores, V. Berthou

Nuclear Technology

Volume 146 / Number 3 / June 2004 / Pages 230-243


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A new fuel cycle concept - waste-free, intrinsically safe, and efficient (WISE) - based on a "clean" nuclear plant using mobile fuel (MF) is proposed. WISE does not perturb the radiological equilibrium by minimizing transuranium and long-lived-fission product wastes. The main characteristic of WISE is the use of MF systems and of a feed-and-bleed fuel cycle strategy. Irradiated fuel together with fission products always remains inside a WISE core. This implies no release of waste until fuel reserves are available. After the fuel reserves are exhausted, an on-line reprocessing technology can be applied in order to minimize waste.

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