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Proof of Principle of a Nuclear Turbine Flowmeter

Tim H. J. J. Van Der Hagen

Nuclear Technology

Volume 102 / Number 2 / May 1993 / Pages 167-176


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The potentiality of a new type of flowmeter, intended to measure the coolant flow rate through a fuel assembly of a nuclear reactor, was investigated. This new type of flowmeter, the nuclear turbine flowmeter, has the advantage that no extra signal wires are needed; the signal can be read by a neutron detector positioned in its vicinity. The influence of a rotating test turbine (installed in a setup at the Hoger Onderwijs Reactor in Delft, The Netherlands) on the signals of several neutron detectors was analyzed. From the results, it appeared that the rotation frequency of the test turbine could easily be detected by all neutron detectors used. The influence of the rotating test turbine on the signals of detectors positioned nearby is strong compared with the background noise level found for in-core neutron detectors in boiling water reactors.

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