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Off-Gas Cleaning in an FRG Reprocessing Plant

Jürgen Furrer, Walter Weinländer

Nuclear Technology

Volume 92 / Number 1 / October 1990 / Pages 66-76


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In a time of growing concern over the environmental impact from any industrial plant, the ideal goal of zero release has to be attempted. This also applies to the industrial reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf [Wiederaufarbeitungsanlage Wackersdorf (WAW)]. Regarding gaseous emissions, remarkable efforts have been made in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) to improve the off-gas cleaning systems. Significant results and operation experience from Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Wiederaufarbeitungsanlage Karlsruhe, and Pamela are presented. The design of off-gas trains for WAW is based on these results. It fulfills operational needs as well as the requirements imposed by FRG licensing authorities to minimize as far as possible any impact from emissions. Off-gas systems in reprocessing plants have to treat dry and humid gas streams and to separate aerosols and gaseous materials. Emissions will be minimized by improving the cleaning units of the off-gas lines and by decreasing the total amount of off-gas or of special constituents. Both measurements are presented, and the decontamination factors achieved are described. In this context, details are given of the behavior of some nuclides such as ruthenium and iodine. Finally, the emissions expected of WAW are indicated.

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