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On-Line Test of Power Distribution Prediction System for Boiling Water Reactors

Yasuo Nishizawa, Takashi Kiguchi, Setsuo Kobayashi, Kenji Takumi, Michiro Yokomi, Ryohsuke Tsutsumi, Harukuni Tanaka

Nuclear Technology

Volume 58 / Number 1 / July 1982 / Pages 9-22


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A power distribution prediction system for boiling water reactors has been developed and its on-line performance test has proceeded at an operating commercial reactor. This system predicts the power distribution or thermal margin in advance of control rod operations and core flow rate change. This system consists of an on-line computer system, an operator’s console with a color cathode-ray tube, and plant data input devices. The main functions of this system are present power distribution monitoring, power distribution prediction, and power-up trajectory prediction. The calculation method is based on a simplified nuclearthermal-hydraulic calculation, which is combined with a method of model identification to the actual reactor core state. It has been ascertained by the on-line test that the predicted power distribution (readings of traversing in-core probe) agrees with the measured data within 6% root-mean-square. The computing time required for one prediction calculation step is <1.5 min by an HIDIC-80 on-line computer

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