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Downflow Post-Critical Heat Flux Heat Transfer to Low Pressure Water

Paul Robershotte, Peter Griffith

Nuclear Technology

Volume 56 / Number 1 / January 1982 / Pages 134-140


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Post-critical heat flux heat transfer data for water in downflow have been obtained for the following conditions: mass velocity, 48.8 to 147 kg/s·m2; wall temperature, 538 to 760°C; pressure, 1.3 to 2.6 bars; quality, 4.1 to +5.8%; tube diameter, 1.25 cm; and tube length, 66 cm. At low mass velocity, a frozen equilibrium model predicts the data well. At high mass velocity, droplet-vapor heat transfer is good enough so that a homogeneous equilibrium model predicts the data. Under no circumstances is droplet-wall heat transfer significant. When the vapor is in laminar flow, the heat transfer is particularly poor and the radiant heat transfer becomes a significant fraction of the total.

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